I haven’t blogged in a really long time. My first blogging adventure began in 2004, the love child of wasting time during an unfulfilling high school business class and the desire to practice writing. I blogged intermittently for eight years, sometimes out of a desire to simply write and sometimes to promote something I was doing. The culture around blogs circa 2012 was a bit rabid for my taste; everyone had one, almost like a shingle demarcating our respective nano-corners of the Internet. I decided I had other avenues for writing and promotion. I left my shingle to grow moss instead.

Admittedly, I don’t think of threeoaksgarden.com as a blog. That terms sounds so five (or 10) years ago. Yes, I suppose it’s a journal of sorts. But I hope to see it grow into a platform that supports the public face of my experiments in planting design and plant exploration in a charismatic, personal way. (There might even be a retail component at some point, but we’ll talk about that later.) I want to share my passion for making this garden with others, even when that involves failure and disappointment. Failure is one of the greatest teachers, especially in the garden. I have a coffee mug that reads “He who kills the most plants wins.” I don’t have a competitive streak, but I like to think I’m somewhere in the running.

But that’s the gist—killing plants and talking about it. (Celebrating what lives and talking about it!) Drafting plans and sharing them. Planting lessons and harvesting insights. Pushing boundaries and challenging others to do the same. These are the themes of this new platform, complete with photos and anecdotes along the way. There may be no race to run, but this marks the starting line for making a garden in the era of New Naturalism.